Drainage is the natural or artificial removal of surface water and sub-surface water from an area with excess of water.  This statement seems very self-explanatory, and it is.  Moving water away from your building is essential if you don’t want other problems to compound that one.  Sometimes the soil isn’t the best.  Here in central Florida, we have a fair amount of sand.  This is a very fine type of sand that can actually repel water!  Most homes have this kind of soil base, and it can bring water traveling closer to your home if the grade wasn’t corrected at the time of construction. 

On the other hand, years of erosion could have also been a culprit in drainage issues you are experiencing.  The movement of water is a powerful force of nature, but also a vital one.  We really don’t give it that much of our attention, but water did carve the Grand Canyon out of stone!  Nature has its way of moving water where it wants.  If that direction is towards your home, then we have to do something to work with nature in order to solve the problems that will begin to appear once that happens.

Correcting Nature?

In simpler terms, yes.  Nature doesn’t account for man-made objects…like homes.  If we want to survive nature…and her fury, proper drainage will keep the water from going into your home.  Sometimes, even the hardest challenges will offer a solution.  In these videos, our crew will show how to move water away from two adjacent buildings.