One many valuable benefits of landscaping that is always taken for granted is the way it can affect the spirit.  Poorly designed or neglected landscaping will bring you down, just as a well-designed and manicured landscape can pick you up.  That is why hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice centers keep up with their landscaping.  It is also why amusement parks spend huge annual budgets on landscaping.  For an HOA community, it makes the community a desired place to want to live in.  For a business, a well thought out commercial landscape design can make it a landmark!

Beauty from the Eyes of a Buyer

People are attracted to beautiful things …the mind is just programmed that way. You can test this theory the next time you flip through a magazine. Your eyes will pick up the most desirable images in front of you. It can be an image of a person, place or thing, but that which your eyes deem worthy will be the first thing you will notice. Most new home buyers are programmed the same way.  Landscaping is the first thing people notice before they even consider looking inside.  The entrance to the community is seen before the home is even in view!

Benefits of Florida Friendly Landscaping

Other than curb appeal that will sustain even under the harshest conditions, many homeowners across Tampa, and all over Florida have already starting to notice… this type of design is very easy to keep up.  The cost of maintenance is much lower, which is something HOA community management companies and HOA boards should seriously consider, as this could take a load off of their annual maintenance budgets.

Grass yards and large areas of lawn are becoming harder and more costly to manage.  Limiting these “grass money pit” areas in the community and replacing them with large planting areas that need little maintenance and low replacement costs should make sense to anyone looking to save money.